“Something From Eddie”

“Something from Eddie” is a new book written by Pam Baker telling the story of her uncle, Eddie Livingston, a World War II U.S. Army vet. “He fought in multiple campaigns and was captured and beaten in Nazi POW camps, receiving multiple, life-long wounds that both physical and emotional. Through his own pain and suffering, Eddie continued […]

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U.S. Navy Vet Carey Weckman

Carey Wechman talks about the struggles he endured with the transition from military to civilian life. How he did not let his homelessness get the best of him and with the help form U.S. VETS, he was able to overcome the transitional problems. There are many problems facing homeless Veterans and there are solutions like […]

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Jovane Henry, USMC Combat Correspondent

Jovane Henry, a U.S. Marine Corps combat correspondent, is host of V2, the Vet View. She started the Vet View talk show as a way to outreach to vets. She helps to put a name and face of veterans to the civilian community. All vets have different journeys and a lot of veterans have overcome […]

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