Veterans Helping Veterans TV is a Public, Educational & Government (PEG) access series. There are 1,300 PEG stations across the nation.
The best of VHVtv is available for free uploading to any PEG station via the Internet Archives. https://archive.org/details/veteranshelpingveterans
VHVtv is produced at the MidPeninsula Media Center in Palo Alto, CA and is shown on their channels which include Menlo Park, Atherton, East Palo Alto and Palo Alto. http://midpenmedia.org/local-tv/

VHVtv is pleased to announce that we are on the air on PADNET.tv in Long Beach, CA and have our own time slot! Watch us every Saturday at 6:30 p.m..
PADNET.tv is a Public Access Digital Network and Public Access Television Station.
VHVtv is now available on PADNET TV Video on Demand.

VHVtv “Rosie the Riveter.” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjI2MQ==

VHVtv “Women Veterans, A Heart To Serve.” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjEyMA==

VHVtv “Women Veterans Alliance.” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjEzNA==

VHVtv “U.S. Volunteers” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjE1Ng==

VHVtv “Vetsin Tech.” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjE5NQ==

VHVtv “WVA-VME Veterans in Media & Entertainment Panel 2017.” http://padnet.tv/video/show/MjE1NQ==

VHVtv is now seen on the Community Media Access Collaborative, CMAC, in Fresno. http://cmac.tv/producer/?id=325
The “Women Veterans Alliance” episode will air on CMAC in early July.

VHVtv is broadcast ready via the Internet Archives to any PEG station in the United States. We have been downloaded over 24,000 times via the Internet Archives.

Since attending the Community Media Alliance Western Region Conference in Sacrament in March, I met many programming coordinators at community access channels from 6 states. We produce this series as a community education access program. It is our intent to grow our audience and increase our subscribers on the VHVtv You Tube channel.https://www.youtube.com/user/vecsm

As of May 1, 2018, 7 VHVtv HD epiodes are available for downloading directly to a PEG station via my Dropbox account,
Sheryl Shaffer.

When we are in the Mid Peninsula Media Center studio in Palo Alto, we create half hour episodes. Since April 2015, we have produced 9 VHVtv episodes in HD. Since January 2018 we have produced 2 HD episodes, The U.S. Volunteers and The Rosie Legacy.


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