VHVtv Version 2.0

Because of the Covid 19, we have been unable to film Veterans Helping Veterans TV in the Midpen Media Center studio in Palo Alto, CA since they closed the studio to community producers on March 13.

Recently, I contacted staff at the Media Center so I could better understand my options, now that we are creating content virtually via videoconferencing, iphone, ipad, b roll, digital photos, Dropbox and rough cut edits using imovie on a Mac.

Since June 2020, I collaborate with Richard Gonzales, a 2020 University of California Riverside graduate with a BA degree in Theatre, Film and Digital Production.
He creates the final edits of our Virtual Interviews using Premiere Pro.

“I own the show name and concept.
When I film at the Media Center studio as part of the public access program,

I agree to not sell it commercially, and to have it air on the Media Center channels. I am the owner and am responsible for all the content.

Here’s how we can commercialize our content:

1. For any shows that were shot in our studio at a subsidized rate and with our volunteer crew, you cannot commercialize those episodes without “buying them out.” Basically, you pay us some rate, and it would count as you buying out the episodes, as if they were a professional job shot in the studio, not a public access show.

2. For shows that you make on your own, without any Media Center crew, staff, or equipment, you do not have any responsibility to us and are free to commercialize them however you want.”

VHVtv is my way of volunteering and making a difference and we collaborate with many people to create our content!
We are grateful for all of our volunteers that assist us in creating Veterans Helping Veterans TV. Thank You so much for your dedication!

I am a Volunteer Community Producer at the Midpen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA and work under the Media Center’s Producer’s Agreement.
Each guest is required to sign a Media Center Personal Appearance Release.
VHVtv is community educational access television.
For more info, please e mail vetshelpingvetstv@gmail.com

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