Veterans Helping Veterans TV 2021.

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During 2021, VHVtv will be creating many virtual interviews. Co-Producer Richard Gonzales creates the final edits of our virtual interviews using Premiere Pro.

I schedule and make arrangements for the guests, film interviews with Zoom video conferencing and request that each guest provide us digital photos and B roll.
We continue to produce content for the Midpen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA.
VHVtv is a community educational access tv series and we operate under their Producer’s Agreement .
I am a Volunteer Community Producer at the MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA and this is the Media Center’s Producer’s Agreement.
Each guest is required to sign a Media Center Personal Appearance Release.
VHVtv is community educational access television.

The first 2021 VHVtv episode is a Virtual Interview with Phyllis Thomas, a U.S. Navy Veteran and a Los Angeles area based artist.

Our second virtual Interview is with Tami Thacker and Richard Gonzales.
Tami is the Veterans Coordinator at the Veterans Resource Center at UC Riverside. Richard Gonzales is a UC Riverside 2020 Graduate and is Co-Producer of Veterans Helping Veterans TV.

VHVtv presents “Tami Thacker and the Plans for the VRC at UC Riverside 2021.”

The third video virtual interview is about the AMVETS Post 34 San Francisco and their outreach to the frontline workers at the VA Ft. Miley. We filmed this using Zoom video conferencing and each guest held an iPad in landscape mode to film their interviews while on location in San Francisco. I am a life time member of AMVETS Post 34 San Francisco.

This project is sponsored by AMVETS Department of California.

AMVETS 34 Commander Helen Wong is the AMVETS VA Volunteer Services Rep (VAVS) at VA Ft. Miley, San Francisco CA.

We are excited for the opportunity to tell more veteran stories in 2021. Tell us your story!

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VHVtv Call To Action: Please watch, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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