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Veterans Helping Veterans TV is usually filmed in the MidPen Media Center HD studio. The Media Center closed on Friday, March 13 for filming in the studio until mid 2021. VHVtv is a community educational access television interview talk show done in half hour programs and I am Sheryl Shaffer, a volunteer community producer at the MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA.

VHVtv is my way of volunteering and making a difference and we collaborate with many people to create our videos!
We are grateful for all of our volunteers that assist us in creating VHVtv. Thank You so much for your dedication!
I am a Volunteer Community Producer at the MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA and and this is the MC’s Producer’s Agreement.
Each guest is required to sign a Media Center Talent Release.
VHVtv is community educational access television.

Since we all are sheltering in place at home, thought it was time to create a home studio to continue to film interviews. I am 73 years old, in a high risk group and staying in my home, so I have created a TV studio in my home office.

I miss filming interviews on location, with my Canon Vixia Camera, iphone w stabilizer and my Mac where I do editing on the i movie. So I turned my den into my own TV studio and now create videos virtually. We present diverse perspectives through interviews with veterans making a difference in their communities. Currently collaborate with Richard Gonzales to create the VHVtv Virtual Interviews. Richard edits using Premiere Pro.

It is amazing to make these videos at home and collaborate with others. It may not be ideal but we make it work!

VHVtv started conducting interviews via Zoom video conference and the first virtual interview started filming in early May and is with Arizona Artist, Lucy Wong, U.S. Navy Veteran.


The VHVtv production team completed our second virtual interview and it is with Dali Rivera, a U.S. Army Veteran.


VHVtv was scheduled to film interviews about the University of California Riverside Veterans Resource Center. We had production meetings with Tamara Dee Thacker, the Veteran Services Coordinator at the VRC and VRC staff Richard Gonzales and Sandy Dee and I were scheduled to start filming on March 12 and the campus was shut down on March 10 due to the Coronavirus.
We completed our third Virtual Interview via the Zoom videoconferencing in August.
The third Virtual Interview is with Tamara Dee Thacker and the Veterans Resource Center at UC Riverside.


VHV TV’s 4th Virtual Interview is with ShaDonna McPhaul, U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Virtual Interview with ShaDonna McPhaul.


Our fifth Virtual Interview is with Renee Hamilton-McNealy, U.S. Army Reserves.


The sixth and seventh Virtual Interviews are with Kerri Jeter and Shellie Willis. Both are U.S. Army Veterans.


Our eighth virtual interview is with Lisa Diggs.


All VHVtv interviews are on our You Tube Channel.

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Veterans Helping Veterans TV is in transition now, and because we can only do virtual interviews, we are starting over since the Midpen Media HD studio is closed for community productions.
We continue to produce content virtually and creative collaboration to air on the Media Center channels and VHVtv YouTube channel.

For people that know me, I admit I have made some mistakes with the Social Media and Marketing. Also, I could use some expertise on Social Media and Marketing
From now on each Virtual Guest has to agree to help with promoting these VHVtv episodes.

I have a hard time trying to do all the Social Media and Marketing by myself and need expertise to further the impact of Veterans Helping Veterans TV and to increase our viewership organically.

All guests must be proficient with the Apple i phone and be able to provide B Roll and photos.

Tell us your story! We have some great interviews that will be filmed in the next few months

Our goal is to produce one half hour episode a month for VHVtv and the MidPen Media Center studio in Palo Alto, CA. Currently working on VHVtv Virtual Interview 8 now.
I do not make money at this, am learning as I go and just want to create more veteran interviews.

Our best option is to do interviews via Zoom video conference calling. It is a lot of fun to make these videos!

During 2019, VHVtv was opened up for guest hosts to film half hour episodes in the Media Center HD studio to tell their stories. All episodes filmed in the HD studio are on this web site. These videos created in the Media Center studio were an opportunity for you to tell your own story of community service and to educate the veteran community.

Now, I am learning to create content virtually into half hour episodes at home. My studio equipment is an OSMO stabilizer with my i phone, an i pad, MAC Air with i movie, a Blue mic and a Canon Vixia camera with a Rode mic set on a tripod, basically a 3 camera set up and I am ready for interviewing.

We present VHVtv to you as an open platform to do veteran interviews. Veterans, tell us your stories by being interviewed on VHVtv.
VHVtv is a half hour talk show format and if you are interested in being interviewed,
please e mail Sheryl Shaffer at vetshelpingsvetstv@gmail.com.
Now that we are on lock down in our homes, here is something you can do from the comfort of your home, tell us your story!

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  • Terry Nardone

    October 19, 2021

    Great stuff.
    We are proud of you.
    Dis. Ret. US Navy


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