VHVtv Virtual Interviews.

Now that we are living in the Age of the Coronavirus, Covid 19, and Social Distancing, the MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto

closed on Friday, March 13 for filming in the studio until further notice. VHVtv is a community educational access television interview talk show done in half hour programs and I am Sheryl Shaffer, a volunteer community producer at the MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA..
Since we all are sheltering in place at home, thought it was time to create a home studio to continue to film interviews. I am 72 years old, in a high risk group and staying in my home, so I have created a TV studio in my home office.

In an effort to continue to create video for Veterans Helping Veterans TV, we invite you to send us your veteran videos via Dropbox. Eventually these short segments will be combined into future VHVtv half hour episodes in the Media Center studio. I miss filming interviews on location, with my Canon Vixia Camera, i phone w stabilizer and my Mac where I do editing on the i movie. So I turned my den into my own TV studio and create videos virtually. It is amazing to make these videos at home and collaborate with others virtually, it may not be ideal but we make it work! On May 1, 2020, VHVtv starts filming virtual interviews Zoom and do virtual interview segments that are from 3 to 5 minutes.

I want to fill my days doing something creative and recently created a video about my emotional support dog, Casper!

VHVtv will be conducting interviews by Face Time and Zoom. We have several interviews planned for early May!

Last year, co producer Sandy Dee and I created a video about the Warrior Veterans Power Soccer team. It was an official selection at the Glendale International Film Festival.

We are co-producing Part 2 of the Warrior Veterans, the Cloverlane Foundation and the Adaptive Sports Club and is a work in progress.

Sandy Dee and I were scheduled to film interviews about the UC Riverside Veterans Resource Center
on March 12 and the campus was shut down on March 10. It is postponed until further notice.

For people that know me, I admit I have made some mistakes with the Social Media, Marketing and S.E.O.(search engine optimization) need expertise with it.
I do not make money at this, am learning as I go and just want to present more veteran interviews/stories.
If you have content that you created and it is filmed in HD, we would love to air it on VHVtv. Tell us your story. We will need 5 to 7 jpegs to have on the video.
Other options are to do interviews via Face Time on a MAC and i phone or Zoom video conference calling. It is a lot of fun to have group conversations!
VHVtv is my way of volunteering and making a difference and we collaborate with many people to create our videos!

During 2019, VHVtv was opened up for guest hosts to film half hour episodes in the Media Center HD studio to tell their stories. All episodes filmed in the HD studio are on this web site. These videos are an opportunity for you to create your own story of community service and to educate the veteran community. VHVtv home studio equipment is an OSMO stabilizer with my i phone, an i pad, MAC Air with i movie, a Blue mic and a Canon Vixia camera with a Rode mic set on a tripod, basically a 3 camera set up and I am ready for interviewing.

We present to you an open platform to do that. If you have questions, please e mail Sheryl Shaffer at vetshelpingsvetstv@gmail.com

Now that we are on lock down in our homes, here is something you can do from the comfort of your home, tell us your story!

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