Filming interviews.

During the summer of 2017, I was given a scholarship from the VFTLA, the Veterans in Film and TV, now the VME, the Veterans in Media & Entertainment to attend the Art of Visual Story Telling with Miles Watkins in West Hollywood, CA. This training allows me to get out of the studio and film interviews anywhere. I really enjoy interviewing people about how they help military veterans and learning about their stories of service.

Recently completed my first on location VHVtv interview, that I filmed and edited myself, using the i movie on a Mac and Canon Vixia camera.

It is with Gail Soffer, the Founder of the Mindful Warrior Project. She discusses the techniques of mindfulness and how it helps military veterans and their families. The Mindful Warrior Project is based in Los Angeles and available through workshops in Southern California. This was filmed at the first Women Veterans Alliance Unconference in SoCal in October 2017.

Another project that was completed during this WVA Unconference was the WVA-VME Panel about how to break into the entertainment industry.

The featured panelists were Jennifer Marshall, Lugdy Cueva, Marina Viscun and Levystein Lockett and I was the moderator.

We encourage veterans that are interested in a career in the entertainment industry to join the Veterans in Media & Entertainment, the VME (formerly the VFTLA) and how they offer incredible opportunities for networking, learning the craft of film making and creating a career in the entertainment industry.

Planning on more on location interviews soon.