VHVtv Guest Host, Gary Ferguson.

Guest Host Gary Ferguson, a U.S. Army Vietnam combat veteran, hosted 2 Veterans Helping Veterans tv episodes in June and July 2019.

The June episode is “A Vietnam Vet Explains P.T.S.D., Past Trauma, Stated Differently.

During the July VHVtv episode, Gary talks about his book, “A Good Day To Die.” This is his story of what happened to him during his combat tour in Vietnam and how it changed him when he got out of the Army. He was struggling with addictions and a way to get clean and sober. He created a non profit Pathways For Veterans to help other veterans in their recovery.

Written by vhvtvadmin

Sheryl Shaffer served in the Women's Army Corps from 1968 to 1971. She is retired from the CA Employment Development Department as a VetRep. She produces Veterans Helping Veterans TV at the Media Center in Palo Alto, CA.

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