VetArt Pop Up Arts Cafe in Sacramento, CA.

VHVtv enjoyed filming at the VetArt.org Pop Up Cafe featuring 20 amazing Veteran Artists.
The Veterans Art Project, VetArt, is doing California statewide Pop-up Arts Cafe and this is the first one and it was presented at the California State Capital, West Steps on October 12, 2022.
VetArt is sponsored by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.
“Art making is the deepest form of personal advocacy. Don’t tell me, show me.” Steve Dilley, Founder and Executive Director of the Veterans Art Project, VetArt.org.

Featuring these Veteran Artists: Ivan Sam, Breona Calvert, Darren Devillez, Tonya Savice, Tony LoBue, Indigo Moor, Travis Orth, Luz Helena Thompson, Colin Hoffman, Reginald Green, Ehren Tool, Maria Ysela Galvan, Omar Columbus, Carolina Hernandez, Rachelle Steele, Veteran Art Institue, Bruce Fennigkoh, Phyllis Thomas, Malika Humphrey and Kiyo Sato.
Filmed with our iPhone 13 Pro’s and co-produced by Sheryl Shaffer and Sandy Dee.
Thank you Steve Dilley, Executive Director of The Veterans Art Project for this incredible opportunity!

VHVtv will be posting 1 Minute Clips from all the Veteran Artists featured in “The Story Tellers of VetArt” starting Nov. 10.

Clip #1 is an interview with Ehren Tool, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Potter.

Clip #2 is a Spoken Word performance of the poem, “Camouflaged Heart” by U.S. Air Force Veteran Omar Columbus.

Clip #3 is about Tonya Savice, U.S.Air Force Veteran, as she shares her story of healing through her Art.

Clip #4 is with Colin Hoffman, Sculptor.

Clip #5 is Carolina Hernandez and Veteran Couture, Inc.

Clip #6 is with Darron Davillez, Master of Ceremonies of the VetArt Pop-Ups.

Clip #7 is with Phyllis Thomas, an artist and a U. S. Navy Veteran.

Clip #8 is with Bruce Fennigkoh, U.S. Army Veteran.

Clip #9 is about Fine Arts Photographer, Rachelle Steele, U.S. Navy Veteran.

Clip #10 is about Ivan Sam, U.S. Navy Veteran and the First Nations Land Acknowledgement.

Clip #11 is about Reginald Green, Artist/Sculptor.

Clip #12 is about Kiyo Sato, U.S. Air Force Nurse Corp Veteran and Author, “Kiyo’s Story.”

Clip #13 is with Anthony A. LoBue, Artist and U.S. Army Veteran.

VHVtv Clip #14 is about VetArt and their partnership with the Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission, the MHSOAC.
Tom Orrick is the Chief of Commission Operation & Grants, MHSOAC and speaks about the impact of art therapy to Veterans overcoming Trauma.

VHVtv Clip #15 features Breona Calvert as she sings the National Anthem at the VetArt PopUp in Sacramento on October 12, 2022.

VHVtv Clip #16 is about Indigo Moor, U.S.Navy Veteran and the Sacramento Poet Laureate Emeritus.

VHVtv Clip #17 is about Kathleen McMinn Ellertson, Founder of the Veterans Art Institute.

VHVtv Clip #18 is with Travis Orth as he sings his original song,”For The Families” and it features the Art of Phyllis Thomas, Tony LoBue and Luz Helena Thompson.

VHVtv Clip #19 is about Malika Humphrey, U.S. Air Force Veteran and Photographer.

VHVtv Clip #20 is about Jill Brenegan and Art Therapy.

VHVtv Clip #21 is a Spoken Word Performance, “The Starfish Mentality” performed by Tonya Savice, U.S.A.F. Veteran.

VHVtv Clip #22 is with Darron Devillez a U. S. Navy Veteran as he tells us how he overcame homelessness and became a College Professor through Art Therapy.

VJHVtv Clip #23 is the Drum Circle. at VetArt.

Here is a trailer of our documentary about VetArt. Thank You VHVtv Co-Producer Sandy Dee for creating this preview.

We had so much fun at this event and met incredible Veterans who tell us how creating Art has impacted their lives through VetArt.org.

We film Veterans Helping Veterans TV as a Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access series for the MidPen Media Center studio in Palo Alto, CA.

Sheryl Shaffer is a Volunteer Community Producer at the MidPen Media Center and operates under their Producers Agreement and produces a half hour show when it is filmed in the Media Center HD studio.
Each Guest is required to sign a Media Center Personal Appearance Release.

Co Producer Sandy Dee and Sheryl Shaffer filmed content at the Pop Up using IPhone 13 Pro’s and editing on the iMovie.

This was a wonderful experience to film at the VetArt.org Pop Up Cafe in Sacramento, CA and to share the stories of these incredible Veteran Artists!

Thank You to our Sponsors: VetArt.org for the incredible opportunity to document the Artworks at the VetArt PopUp Art Cafe, Sacramento, CA 2022

and for our web site maintenance for Google Analytics v4: AMVETS Post 34 San Francisco (Yoast SEO)
and A Pawsability 4Veterans (MonsterInsights for GAv4.)

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